Installing Portable DVD players in a Car

Installing Portable DVD Players in a Car Several techniques are employed for installing a mobile DVD player. However, before proceeding it is essential that the person fitting the device is familiar with some safety measures. If mounting is not done well, the users will not only fail to enjoy even the best portable car DVD player, but also your risk the device becoming a dangerous projectile in the event of crash. (i) Installing with a car headrest strap In this method, a band normally made of rubber, cotton or a polymer and of varying widths and thickness, is wound around the headrest of the seat of a car. The portable video player is then mounted with two brackets for bearing the weight of the player. (ii) Using a mounting bracket This particular method is suitable where there is more than one headrests to be used. The first step involves fully detaching the headrest so as to allow you to compare the mounting poles with the headrest. The DVD device is then fixed on a bracket which fits i…